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We at QT&B Inc. believes strongly that the most important part of any project is detailed site inspection of the mechanical system. Detailed inspection for the installation can eliminate the occurrence of problems with the environmental system after it has been set to operate permanently.


The technicians at QT&B Inc. will test every type of environmental system and determine the most efficient and productive mode of operation in that particular implementation. Fan improvements and mechanical optimization are some of the services that QT&B Inc. offers for the HVAC systems.


Utilizing some of the most sophisticated instrumentation in the world allows us to perform air and hydronic systems balancing in any given situation. Our goal is to improve the installed environmental system to satisfy the working conditions of the tenant(st).


QT&B Inc., for several years now, has been working with control groups know worldwide such as Johnson Control, Honeywell, Siemens, Trane, etc. to make the environmental system work properly. Verifying physically the operation and functionality of the electronic controllers utilized in the HVAC systems is one of many services offered by QT&B Inc. QT&B Inc is also involved in system troubleshooting and bringing the system to working condition on the front end.


QT&B Inc. provides easy to read reports that will provide you with information that will keep you up to date with how the HVAC system(s) are operating or what needs to be done to achieve maximum efficiency, Our reports will indicate how the air/water is distributed.

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